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Collaboration: Georgian Technical University

Participants: 10
 68 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi

Duration: 1 day

The aim of the one-day guest workshop Collage City was to explore what architectural forces are currently shaping and have shaped the historic city of Tbilisi, Georgia, and how collage can be a useful tool in representing propositional work. The notion of resilience was a key theme which ran throughout the day, which was attended by a number of architecture students from the Georgian Institute of Technology.

In groups, participants explored one of a number of pre-selected sites in the city, employing techniques such as photography and sketching to analyse their findings. This allowed them to quickly develop of catalogue of imagery to bring into the afternoon’s work. Freiraum Kollektive provided insights from our own research

throughout the day, which began with a lecture on collage as technique to inspire the afternoon's making. What are the dynamic and stable forces which influence a site? What are the immediate pressures on the city fabric? How, as designers, can we accommodate them?

Each smaller group then had three hours to collage their proposals to a set format, considering material, structure and tectonics. At the end of the day the collages were exhibited and the students will had a chance to evaluate their work and what they learned from the workshop.

Collage City Tbilisi was a milestone on our trans-Asian project, Mapping Architectural Resilience on the Silk Road.





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