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Publish date: expected July 2017

Format: A5, 100 pages, hard cover, full colour

Mapping Architectural Resilience on the Silk Road was a five month pan-Asian project in which Freiraum Kollektive explored the notion of resilient futures in some of the world's most remote and fastest developing contexts. We connected with communities living nomadically in the Kyrgyz steppes, ran a workshop for those displaced by the 2011 tsunami in Japan and reflected on post-2010 cities built from the desert in Kazakhstan. Our twelve milestones included academic seminars, cartographic explorations, written articles and workshops in the field.

We exhibited the project in December 2015 at Cafe Ved Buen in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Subsequent positive feedback and interest in the project has inspired us to create an exhibition catalogue collating insights and visual material from the project that extends beyond the scope of the exhibition. The catalogue will be organised around twelve milestones of intervention and will document our responses and reflections at each step of the journey.

By including a substantial amount of graphical imagery and photographs, we would also encourage readers who may not speak either language fluently and also younger readers. The book will be written bilingually for both English and German speakers.

We invite people to learn from our experiences and become inspired members of Freiraum Kollektive. Each community we met on the road witnessed a fragment of the project therefore the comprehensive volume will draw our work together and allow us to distribute the project and maintain these connections in the long-term.


In the month prior to the run-up to the book launch, Freiraum Kollektive will host a photo competition where we will reach out to members and across the Silk Road to tag photos of the milestones of the journey. We will then hold a book launch in Copenhagen late January where we will speak about the project and have books for sale.​




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