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Collaboration: Sophie Elizabeth Brauer
Location: Munich, Germany

Duration: April 2015

'Light Under The Bridge' an experimental living solution for the acute housing shortage and escalating rent crisis in Munich (DE). It is a collaboration between Freiraum Kollektive and Canadian architect Sophie Brauer and an entry for the 2015 SHABBY SHABBY competition held each year in Munich. The initiative invites architects to imagine a low-cost housing solution that can be built for under €250. 

Beneath the bridges of Munich one can find a grey, draughty and socially stigmatised territory, this is the site of our project. Our challenge was to integrate this formerly inaccessible space into Munich and our question was what is the minimum material needed to dwell in this space?


In an arc of the Reichbach Bridge we hang our tensile structure which can be lowered via a pulley system to ensure nighttime security. Conceptually we create two zones, the slight tent construction that accommodates sleeping and stowage and the floating river platform, a transitional space within the public domain. The tents can be separated from the platform to become a private retreat. 

In our project, the city becomes the house, and the nomadic occupant is invited to explore the city to locate domestic services. One can shower in the Mueller Bathhouse for €2, or €3 for a more luxurious bath. We provide a map of such facilities to the future tenant, alongside essential devices such as a small wood-gas stove.


'Light Under The Bridge' is fabricated using solely using recycled materials. The tensile structure is stretched between a trampoline and drum and its outer skin consists of a recycled scaffolding safety net, which is laid overlapping in several tracks to create different levels of light in the home. Wire rope, pulley block and all the screws and hooks required and are included in the €250 project budget.





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