07.2019 - 

Client: Sports Development Aid Tanzania, Mayanga Secondary School
Location: Mtwara, Tanzania

Duration: July 2019 - ongoing

Our challenge

Mayanga Secondary School is one of Sports Development Aid’s ‘Empowered Girls Speak Out’ schools. Many of the girls walk 8 - 9km to school from the neighbouring villages, which causes them to be late for lessons, experience sexual harassment, or miss school altogether. Around exam time, girls sleep on the classroom floor, which is uncomfortable and overcrowded and they don’t have any facilities. The teachers are known to take some of the girls into their own houses, but this is not a sustainable solution and most miss out on this opportunity. In 2015 no girls graduated from the school.

The solution
It has become apparent to SDA that a how to improve the girls’ achievement and protect them from harassment and abuse is through accommodating them at the school. In 2017, SDA and Mayanga Secondary began to organise a school stay for the examination period girls began to graduate (in 2017 26 girls graduated and last year 10 girls graduated).

A new dormitory
In the past few months, SDA has been working with the Danish nonprofit Freiraum Kollektive to design a new dormitory building for the school which aims to be more affordable than a standard government dormitory whilst providing additional communal spaces. The design process began in October 2019 with a participatory workshop at Mayanga with the girls where we learned more about their daily lives at the school. We have now received a full construction drawing pack for the dormitory building.

We need you!
SDA is now looking for funding to make the dormitory building a reality. We are looking for around $56,000 which would cover the construction of the dormitory building. If we can secure this funding, we have a contractor on board who are ready to begin construction in 2020 and a team including architects and an engineer willing to donate their time to oversee the project.

Mayanga Dormitory is a collaboration between: Otis Sloan Brittain (Architect), Hannah Wood (Architect), Katharina (Architect), Adrian (Structural Engineer), Florian Seigel (Architect) Joyce Said (Architectural Assistant)