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The Postcrisis Reconstruction Agency is an architectural response to the critical mismanagement of the aid money that poured into Japan following the tsunami in 2011.

As a political entity, the Agency positions itself in the 'state of exception' prior to the remobilisation of political structures following urban trauma. It acts upon the physical to recode market-driven urbanism and realign it with the needs of victims. The Agency combines the operations of credit union and developer to offer communities affected by catastrophe a greater stake in the rebuilding process.

Architectural services are provided in exchange for a Vault, which holds the formwork and expertise to aid long-term urban regeneration. By diverting commodities into spatial devices, the Agency facilitates a post-disaster urbanism that rethinks the city on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis.


This project sets the Agency in motion at Kotobuchicho, Higashimatsushima, a district that suffered immensely since the tsunami. The Agent’s offer has been accepted and a Vault has arrived. The site is becoming a laboratory for an alternate construction ecology.

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09.2015 - 06.2016 

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